Dance for Japan: The Launch!

As I walked over Waterloo Bridge on Friday 11th March, I felt completely shattered by the news of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, that left homes and lives devastated in its wake. The photos and video footage left me dumbstruck, and I hurried to class, worrying about my Japanese friends and their families back in Japan.It was then that I decided not to just stand by, but to do something to help. The dance world is full of wonderful, talented, dedicated Japanese artists, and this is a time that we dancers can stand up and show our support, in the midst of this terrible tradgedy. With this in mind, I am organising ‘Dance for Japan,’ a charity event to be held at Central School of Ballet, on 28th May.         

The event will consist of 12 hours of non-stop classes, workshops and performances, running from 10am til 10pm. Participants will pay £15 to register, and they are welcome to take part in as many classes, and see as many performances as they like. The participants can seek sponsorship from friends and family, raising more money for each extra hour that they dance, or simply as a donation for taking part in this Dance-a-thon. There will also be competitions, suprises and exciting prizes on the day, and some truly special performances.
      So here I find myself, with a venue, a date, and a lot of work to do: 12 hours of program to fill and finalise, a mountain of organisation make sure it all runs smoothly, and the hope that the dance community will come out in force to help the thousands of people in Japan, in desperate need. I urge you all to support this event – let’s raise money, have some fun, and honour all our wonderful Japanese artists at this sad time. 
      Coming soon…Confirmed Perfomers and Teachers – Watch this space!

      For more information, please contact me, Julia Davies on 07765047899, via email on To register, visit, and donate £15 or check out the Facebook page.

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Professional Ballet Dancer and Freelance Journalist. Living in Notting Hill and blogging about Dance.
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