One Week To Go!

So here we are, with one week to go until Dance For Japan! After over two months of preparation, it is now just around the corner, and I don’t know what I feel more: excitement, nerves, impatience, or panic!

It has been a wonderful journey so far, along which I have learnt to use Twitter (!), met people whose generosity astounds me, and begun to irritate even myself with my constant ‘Dance For Japan’ plugging! The support and enthusiasm from teachers, performers, friends and dancers has been overwhelming. It is a wonderful tribute to all the beautiful Japanese dancers in our world, that everyone is so keen to help the people of Japan at this time, and what has struck me is the incredible willingness of people to donate time, money and effort to show their support.

The timetable is finished, the performances are prepared and the dancers are getting warmed up for a Dance Marathon to remember. I am praying that all will go well on the day, and that we can make this day a real success: a time for the dance community to come together for a good cause, and have a wonderful time too!

It is not too late to be a part of Dance For Japan. To attend, simply donate £15 at and leaving your full name and the fact that you are registering to attend. To sponsor the event, or an individual, you can donate at the same address, stating who you are sponsoring by name. Please spread the word; please give generously, and I hope to see you all there (in DFJ T-shirts!) on Saturday 28th May: Central School of Ballet: 10am-10pm

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Professional Ballet Dancer and Freelance Journalist. Living in Notting Hill and blogging about Dance.
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