Looking back on the Big Day

Dance For Japan was just one week ago today, and what a day it was! Looking back on it now, it all seems like a blur – such was the energy and enthusiasm and success of the occasion. With over 200 participants, plus teachers, performers and helpers in and out of the building all day, it is hard to believe how smoothly everything went, and a real credit to my fantastic team of volunteers. I feel so blessed: the classes were full, the performances divine and I have had so much glowing feedback from people who thoroughly enjoyed the day. God gave me the strength and courage to take this project on, and He has provided the answers and the people to counter each and every setback.

I would like express my sincere gratitude to Central School of Ballet, to all those who generously gave their time to teach or perform, to my team of volunteers who ensured the dream-like running of the day, and to all those who donated prizes for our exciting raffle. I would like to give a special thanks to Alice for her wonderful designs and tireless enthusiasm; to Richard, for his beautiful choreography and attention to detail; and to my family for their unwavering dedication to the cause. Thanks to these and many, many more people, we raised over £5500 for the Red Cross towards aid in Japan.

It is not too late to donate! If you would like to contribute towards the relief of people suffering in Japan, you can do so at www.justgiving.com/julia-davies86

Thanks to everyone 🙂

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Professional Ballet Dancer and Freelance Journalist. Living in Notting Hill and blogging about Dance.
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